Self Catering Holidays Disclaimer

All information about the properties on Self Catering Holidays has been provided by the advertisers.
Self Catering Holidays
have reproduced this information in good faith and cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions, misunderstandings or claims arising from the advertisement or any arrangement or booking made with an advertiser.

When booking a property, Self Catering Holidays recommend that you ensure all details, including any booking conditions, are confirmed by e-mail or in writing in advance of the rental, with the owner.

It is also advisable to ensure you have a telephone number of some one to contact locally during your stay. This will give them the chance to put things right should any unforeseen problem arise wit the property.

Please remember that holiday/travel insurance is essential when holidaying abroad.

Self Catering Holidays only publishes personal contact information with the permission of the property owner. Self Catering Holidays & Hotel Rooms cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from such publication.